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About Us

Dear Cheverus Community,         

          We are The Cheverian, a newspaper that aims to be a for the students, by the students news source for the entire school. Our goal is to take important news, both local and national, and give them a spotlight and context that upholds our school’s Jesuit values. 

          We will cover content ranging from events like the Capitol attack to tips on dealing with stress, allowing us to be the most valuable news outlet we can possibly be. A news source that gets to the truth of the matter and provides the students with the facts. A news source that will offer a new point of view to the readers. A news source whose main purpose is to give Cheverus students a platform to voice their opinions. A news source to get people discussing the issues and events we cover. We strive to give important facts and views that align with our Jesuit teachings and to use our voice to bring people together. 

          We here at The Cheverian believe that our greatest ability does not come from our freedom to publish anything we may see fit, but to engage with the wider community on the many topics and problems that may be facing the community, country, or world at this very moment. We will be as straightforward as possible when it comes to simply presenting the facts of a story. And with our more opinionated pieces, we will strive to present both sides of the story to ensure that no opinions become voiceless on our platform. 

          There are a few values that can be used to represent what we hope to accomplish with our paper. Chief among them, honesty, courage, and responsibility. Honesty, to make sure that we are publishing only the truth for our readers. Courage, to publish the things that we feel are right, even in the face of opposition. And lastly, responsibility. Responsibility to know that while we may be just a few students running their own newspaper, we carry the Cheverus name on our backs in everything we say and do. That is why our priority is to make sure that we are pushing our Jesuit values to the forefront, not to just make a newspaper, but to make a cultural touchstone for the entire community.

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