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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month began on the 15th of September and will last until the 15th of October. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Hispanic Americans to our country. The Spanish Club (now World Language Club) has been working hard on making displays to put up on the walls of our school. These displays include Hispanic figures from all backgrounds. Each display is put in the part of the school that best fits it. (i.e. famous Hispanic writers are displayed in front of the English classrooms in the school).

The displays also focus on the unique parts of Hispanic culture that we sometimes do not often know much about. On the display outside of the Spanish rooms in Loyola, we see pictures of traditional Spanish music and dances, such as the salsa and the mariachi. We also see traditional foods that you would find in the Hispanic culture. Near the Art room, we see the image of Frida Kahlo, the Hispanic artist who created many famous self-portraits. The Spanish Club is also saying specialized prayers every morning in regard to the contributions of Hispanic Americans.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the unique and shared culture of Hispanic people throughout our country and world. The Spanish Club has done a great job at doing just that, by showing us the Hispanic culture throughout the entire school. Give them a thank you for doing this and all the hard work they have put in!

Griffin Vivian, Writer


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