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How Creative Can AI Get?

The question of artificial intelligence and its place in the entertainment industries has become more of a pressing question each passing year especially with the proliferation of AI platforms, most famously ChatGPT. There is not yet a reason to believe that this technology is slowing down any time soon, in fact, Disney has recently used the technology in the credits of their show, Secret Invasion:

AI-generated art pieces have also gone on to win certain competitions. Two famous and relatively examples were the Théâtre D'opéra Spatial which won the Colorado State Fair in 2022 and an AI-generated rendition of Girl with a Pearl Earring won a competition to be a placeholder for the original piece within the Mauritshuis Museum while it was being loaned out.

It is definitely worth noting that in both instances the individuals who submitted these pieces (Jason Allen & Julian van Dieken respectively) did have to alter the pictures after the AI had done its work. In the case of the Mauritshuis Museum’s competition, it would certainly be fair to assume that Julian spent more time on his piece than Nanan Kang’s Corn with a Pearl Earring:

Some people don’t think “AI” is the appropriate term to use, stating that this content is better described as “computer-generated” since the programs behind these don’t display “true intelligence” to justify the title.

Regardless of the appropriate terminology the fact remains that there has been a substantial increase in AI-generated content and projects:

  • Anna Indiana - An AI music artist.

  • Kwebblecop - A YouTuber who had replaced himself with an AI persona but had backtracked on the move due to backlash.

  • Corridor Crew - An indie short-film creator popular on YouTube who recently made an animation by using AI to “animate” actual footage.

To end off, I decided to ask ChatGPT to explain the rise of AI as a pirate:


"Arrr, in the current times, Artificial Intelligence be sailin' as a transformative wind in creative waters, changin' the way artists, designers, and creators navigate their craft. From visual arts to music and literature, AI technologies be mixin' with human creativity like a potent grog. With tools like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and neural networks, we be seein' the birth of unique visual treasures, while AI algorithms lend a hand in crafting musical melodies and even help scribble down tales in literature. The film and animation seas be witnessin' the fusion of AI for smoother productions, and design tools now be sportin' clever features to spice up the creative voyage. This collaboration betwixt human imaginings and AI prowess not only be shapin' the creative maps but also unveilin' new horizons in the ever-changin' realm of creative adventures."

There are interesting times ahead of us all.

Michael Maurice, Co-Editor-in-Chief


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