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The Cheverus Drama Society's Original Piece

Cheverus’ Drama Society recently put on a show for the One-Act Festival where they competed against various other schools. Cheverus performed an original piece by Cheverus students and playwrights Connor Haskell and Anna Vozzelli called Jeff’s Pizza. Jeff’s Pizza is a comedic piece that follows a pizza delivery man named Wurt as he travels through many dimensions via inter-dimensional door portals in order to fulfill increasingly absurd requests. The Drama Society had been practicing said play since early January.

In the times of COVID, performing has become increasingly difficult. Because of this, the performance was unusual, to say the least. The performance was prerecorded on a Zoom conference before being submitted. This was certainly not the first choice made by the Drama Society. Due to Cumberland County slipping in and out of the green classification, the Drama Society was prepared for this challenge and already had some experience in dealing with Zoom performances.

Due to the uncertainty of how the play was to be performed, the date of the play remained variable for some time. Now that the performance is complete, The Drama Society now looks to their spring production, which will be performed outdoors. This winter's production, of course, was in stark contrast to previous years' performances and even of the last performance of various Edgar Allen Poe works which was done with masks and social distancing. It's always important that we all strive to adapt to the new conditions that COVID has put us in. It's no different for our Drama Society and they have been working diligently to ensure they do.

M.G.Maurice, Head of Layout & Co-Editor in Chief


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