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The State of COVID - 10/21

The Virus in Numbers

Since the initial outbreak of the virus, there have been 235 million confirmed cases worldwide and a little over 4.8 million deaths. We are seeing a third global wave of cases near a close with international new cases and deaths trending downwards. This, of course, isn’t to say we’re in the clear yet. COVID is still in abundant supply as talks of a fourth wave are happening with countries, such as Hungary, already seeing said wave.

The US is leading the world in total cases with India, Brazil the UK, and Russia trailing behind in that order. Of these five, the US also has the most cases per capita. When adjusted per capita on a global level, however, the US falls to seventeenth with many smaller nation-states ahead. When we look at deaths per capita, the US is in twentieth with many sizable nations such as Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, and even Brazil ahead. In the US, COVID has even surpassed the deadliness of the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Vaccination in Numbers

In terms of vaccination, about one in three people worldwide have received all doses. Despite this, low-income countries only see, on average, less than 3% of their people with at least one dose. So far, the only countries that have near 100% vaccination rates (99% or more) are the microstates of Gibraltar and Pitcairn; meanwhile, DR Congo only has a .04% vaccination rate. The EU sees a 63% vaccination rate, and the US sees a rate just peaking past 50%. Globally, however, people have been getting vaccinated at a lower rate than before.

The Local Situation

In the US, Maine is in third for least amount of total cases per capita, beaten only by Vermont and Hawaii, and fourth in in least amount of deaths per capita, beaten by Vermont, Hawaii, with the addition of Alaska. The state, however, is also currently in the midst of its own localized third wave and all 16 counties are currently in a red categorization with the CDC recommending mask-wearing across the entire Pine Tree State.

Make sure to look out for CDC updates and stay safe, Cheverus.

M.G.Maurice, Head of Layout & Co-Editor in Chief


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