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The Ugly Duckling

My coat is as gray as a cloud about to explode with a tantrum. I am not as bright as the sun with gold, regal feathers, and apricot feet. Compared to my brothers and sisters, I am an outcast. I’m not complaining, for without them I would be homeless. I would have to hunt for my own food and scour for shelter. My fragile body wouldn’t make it a day. I feel different and depressed. I long to find who I will grow into and look like, so I know this tough childhood wasn’t an embarrassment for nothing. I look around my home and all I see are fuzzy yellow creatures running around with their friends as I sit alone playing by myself. It’s not just me who sees the difference. It’s everyone around me. I can’t hide. Sometimes I go over to the pond and watch these elegant and gorgeous birds. Their long necks and full feathers comfort me. They remind me of something I have seen before, early on in my life. They give me hope that one day I can swim alongside them and feel as though I belong. I can become the one that someone like me looks up to. I hope to bring them the help to keep going and look forward to the future so that other ugly ducklings like me could feel at home.


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