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Taylor Swift, Midnights: Review

On October 21, 2022, Taylor Swift released Midnights, her 10th studio album. All of the songs within the album topped the charts.

Lavender Haze- 4/10

Disappointing. The song was boring with nothing special about it and not a catchy melody.

Maroon- 6/10

Good song, lyric-wise, but the melody is a bit repetitive and can get old very quickly.

Anti-Hero- 7/10

Catchy melody and lyrics. The music video was controversial, but overall it’s some of Taylor’s best work.

Snow on the Beach (Ft. Lana Del Ray)- 3/10

Featuring Lana Del Ray is false advertising, you cannot hear Lana on the track at all, and it's disappointing. The song is boring and lyric-wise, quite repetitive.

You’re On Your Own, Kid- 6/10

A boring summer bop that was released at the wrong time of year. The only good part about it is the ending.

Midnight Rain- 4/10

A boring song with boring voice effects. What saves the song is the lyrics which are personal to Taylor.

Question…?- 5/10

While listening to the song, you expect some explosive moment at the end that never comes and it leaves you feeling empty and lonely inside.

Vigilante- 9/10

A reputation bop on the wrong album. It makes me want to go and commit crimes in a good way.

Bejeweled- 10/10

One of the best songs I’ve ever listened to, the music video is a bit disappointing but the song is very good and has gone viral.

Labyrinth- 3/10

Boring, and not original, feels like any other artist could have done it.

Karma- 10/10

I want this song in my bloodstream. I never stop listening to it.

Sweet Nothing- 7/10

It Makes me cry every single time I listen to it.

Mastermind- 1/10

It’s such a bad song with a bad message and a bad trend on the internet.


The Great War- 4/10

It’s an alright song. There is nothing special or defining about it….. Just very basic.

Bigger Than The Whole Sky- 0/10

Such a terrible song. One of the worst songs she’s ever written.

Paris- 7/10

It’s a good song but it gets a bit boring easily.

High Infidelity- 5/10

Nice melody compared to alright lyrics. Not her best but not her worst.

Glitch- 3/10

This is a boring song. I could not tell you what this song is about because the lyrics are all over the place.

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve- 10/10

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD SONG. The lyrics and the melody make me want to scream, and the bridge is so heartbreaking because you can hear her voice shaking.

Dear Rader- 1/10

I Never have listened to it and no one ever talks about it because it is so boring.

-Lillian Colbath, Writer


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