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Drama Society's Productions Continue with Midsummer Night's Dream

A story of love, betrayal, and magic truly defines what A Midsummer Night’s Dream is about. A forest full of magical creatures and the hijinx of miscommunication leads to a fascinating love square between the four Athenians; Lysander, Helena, Demetrius, and Hermia, ending in a nigh unpredictable way. Filled with a band of fairies, craftsmen, magical flowers, and even a donkey-headed man, the play and the book itself are a fun adventure able to make you laugh hysterically.

But this is one of many plays the Cheverus Drama Society goes through a 4-year cycle that defines their specific acting topics. This year’s performance is going to be a Shakespearean piece, while the past three and their respective categories have been:

  • Fall, 2022: Is He Dead - An American Writer’s Piece

    • Is He Dead was a recently released Mark Twain play. Mark Twain had died before he could finish the piece and it had recently been rediscovered, completed, and released.

    • The play is about a struggling artist, Jean-François Millet, who hatches a plan to inflate the value of his work by faking his death and assuming a new identity. Although Twain took more than a few artistic liberties with this work, JFM was a real and revolutionary artist renowned for his portrayals of the working class at the time.

  • Fall, 2021: She Kills Monsters - A “Funky” Piece

    • She Kills Monster is a modern piece by Qui Nguyen.

    • This performance was about a popular girl at a high school immediately after the passing of her little sister, a social outcast. We follow her adventures as she uncovers a DND campaign made by her sister intended to be a message to her.

  • Fall, 2020: Tales by Poe - A Classic Writer’s Piece

    • Tales by Poe is an unconventional piece because it is not one but three short performances by author Edgar Allen Poe:

      • The Raven

      • Tell Tale Heart

      • The Mask of the Red Death

    • The Raven is about a man who receives a peculiar visitor at his door one evening. Tell Tale Heart is the story of a man slowly going insane in the company of his neighbor. Finally, The Mask of the Red Death is the story of several noble aristocrats who escape a plague ravaging their nation by walling themselves in a city owned by an eccentric noble called “the Prince”. In typical Poe fashion, every tale involves death in some form.

Multiple wonderful and unique performances as well as dedication from the actors, designers, and technicians who bring the magic into theater truly is the Drama Club’s goal. You can also enjoy wonderful acts in their current play, Midsummer’s Night Dream, on December 1st, 2nd and 3rd; their one-act this Winter, and their musical in March of 2024.

“The novel is more of a whisper, whereas the stage is a shout.” - Robert Holman


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