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Full Fledged Homecoming Returns to Cheverus

As an incoming Freshman, I was very excited to experience my first-ever Homecoming. My Mom, Brother, and I watched the Stags achieve a glorious victory against the Wells Warriors, 16 - 7. After much celebrating, it was time for the main event: the Homecoming Dance.

I sauntered into the cafeteria, which was decorated festively with balloons, streamers, confetti, colorful lights, and purple tablecloths. The cafeteria was totally transformed and created a party atmosphere. There was even a Photo Booth for those who wanted to remember the night. There was a good crowd of students mingling in the cafeteria and in the hallway. Everyone was looking great, showing their individual flair, dressed in a variety of styles: suits, ties, and slip dresses in every color were the most popular.

As the DJ was playing lots of music - rap, dance, and disco music on one of the turntables, I made my way through the crowd to get a feel for the vibe.

I spoke to a few people to capture the mood: Josie Tyler (Freshman) Ellie Skolnelovich (Freshman) Maggie Fitzgerald (Sophomore), Moira Danzig (Sophomore), Delaney Whitmarsh (Junior), and Seniors Tatum Kellen and Noona Mitchell. Everyone, from first-time Freshmen to seasoned Seniors, was having a good time.

As I finished chatting, I watched the Senior boys form a conga line and smiled. Everyone was dancing, drinking soda, and having a blast.

All in all, the 2022 Cheverus Homecoming Dance was an utter success and everyone had a spectacular time. I then decided to put down my pen and notebook to join the crowd and dance to Dancing Queen.

Frejya Norburg


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