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The Many Benefits of Autumn

On survey, fall is almost always on the top of the list for season favorites. According to an American study, forty-five percent answered that fall was their favorite season, nearly doubling the number of votes second place, summer, received. The beautiful scenery, cool weather, and health benefits drew others to this conclusion. Even as we transition to the winter season, there are many benefits of Autumn to be observed.

While an irritation to some, many benefit from the change in the weather during autumn. This not only allows fall sports to be more enjoyable but helps with our thinking process. In fact, the cooler weather allows us to think more clearly and stimulates complex cognitive tasks. Or, in easier words, our complex cognition helps us with challenging situations and making decisions.

Additionally, we are more likely to have a better sleeping schedule in the fall because of the chillier temperatures; therefore, allowing us a more refreshing and productive day.

A large problem in our world today is stress. Whether it's from school, sports, or upcoming events, a large percentage of people have some form of pressure and anxiety. However, the cooler the weather is, the less cortisol, a factor of stress, we have in our bodies. This results in a more relaxed and less tense life.

Surprisingly, another benefit of this season is the spices frequently sold during this time. Although you may not have realized, the three commonly added toppings during Fall - ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, - are not only appetizing but healthy for your body. Normally on pie, these spices are great for helping your digestive system, avoiding diabetes, and lessening inflammation.

Finally, an important benefit of fall is its positive effects on our immune systems. When yearly viruses like the flu come around to us, our immune systems tend to work better when the temperature is lower rather than higher. It also rids of the countless mosquitoes, making our lives less complicated and decreasing our chances of obtaining air-borne diseases. An example of this was during the epidemic of 1793 when yellow fever was passing from town to town, killing off large parts of the population. There was no end to it until the first frost hit, wiping out the remaining mosquitoes carrying the disease.

The season of fall is a favorite among many, and for good reason. While you may not think about it, the weather and food that we enjoy during Fall may just help with cognition, sleep, and our body's health.


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