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Caution: Classified Inquiry

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a bright blue light that came from a girl’s bedroom that almost destroyed time itself, and no one but those three girls knew. If only we had the whole story. We are giving you this to read with confidence in hopes you can figure out the ending and hopefully save the world...

“There were three very close friends, some who knew them would even say they were as close as sisters, but very different personalities. They were all the same age, but Stella was the oldest and always made sure everyone knew. Savannah is the youngest and has a bubbly and driven personality and always has a joke in her back pocket, even if they aren’t always funny. On the other hand, Julie is the opposite and is always thinking logically about everything. Apart, they all have their unique styles and are brilliant young girls, but together, they are unstoppable and make each other better people. You can’t think of one without the other two.

One Friday afternoon when they were walking down Ocean Ave. to Savannah’s house, they saw a big flash of light in the sky above the alleyway. They suddenly couldn’t see an inch in front of their noses.

“Whoa! What happened!” said Savannah.

“I can’t see anything.” Stella said.

“I think we should turn back and go the long way. Something probably happened to the electricity wires, it’s probably just an outage, the street lights are off.” Julie said.

“Ya, and the sun turned off too.” Sella said sarcastically.

“Ya, Stella is right, something happened and it’s not just an outage.” said Savannah.

They turn their flashlights on on their phones.

“It doesn’t matter, we have to get home before all our parents send a search party for us. Let’s go.” said Julie.

They started to turn around when something hit the ground and sent a wave of wind and a loud jolt.

“What was that?” Stella said curiously.

“I don’t know, let's find out.” said Savannah excitedly.

“No, let’s not.” Julie said with an obvious tone.

Savannah and Stella ignore her and start to move closer to the garbage dumpster. A bright blue light is coming from behind.

“Guys, I really don’t think this is a good idea” Julie said, they still ignore her. Savannah and Stella can see what is making the light and have confused and interested looks on their faces.

“What is it?” asks Savannah.

“I think it looks like a comet. We’re learning about them in science, but I didn’t know they made a bright light.” Stella said.

The light becomes softer and less bright. Julie walks over to see what they’re looking at and says, “They don’t.”

“What do we do?” Savannah asked.

“We don’t do anything except go home and forget this all happened.” Julie said and turned around and started walking home. Savannah and Stella are still mesmerized by what they just found. They start to hear police sirens coming and decide to take it home with them.

“I’ll take it home to my house and early tomorrow morning, we can research it.” Stella said.

They turn around and walk back the same way Julie was going.

The next morning Stella, Savannah and even though not wanting anything to do with this, Julie are all hovered over Stella’s computer reading about different comets, but they can’t find anything about the bright blue comet they found yesterday afternoon that is sitting on the desk beside them.

“We’ve been looking for hours and still haven’t found anything.” Julie said.

“One, it has only been thirty minutes, two, this would be easier if you wouldn’t complain every five minutes, and three, maybe we haven’t found anything because no one has ever encountered something like this to write about it.” Stella Said.

“So are you saying we could’ve just made history?” Savannah asked Stella.

“I don’t know, but I do know I’m not going to stop until we’ve figured out something about this rock.” Stella said.

“Well, can we at least take a break and get food, before we pull an all nighter with researching this thing?” Julie asked.

“Sure,” Stella said

When the girls leave, the comet starts to shine bright blue again and suddenly, there is a nationwide blackout.

To be Continued…”

Hopefully with this information you can continue the research the girls never got to finish. We don’t mean to rush you, but be quick. We’re counting on you, really the whole country is counting on you, so if you let us down, you’ll be letting the entire nation down. No pressure. And be careful, it is dangerous.

Good luck,

Savannah, Stella, and Julie


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